The press – the heart of grape processing

The acquisition of a wine press is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business – after all, you will be working with this machine for decades. The press lies at the very heart of grape processing. Which is why, when choosing your press, you should settle for nothing but the best.

Willmes produces two model ranges: the MERLIN and the SIGMA


merlin1The MERLIN is the robust, reliable universal press for the ambitious wine estate. It is built with its key components open and uncovered and has a capacity ranging from 1,200 to just over 5,000 litres, depending on the respective model.

Its upright juice channels are made of sturdy stainless steel – indeed, the entire press is made of stainless steel. These upright juice channels make it superior to comparable presses in its capabilities.
The large aperture at the top is closed using removable covers.

WILLMES has been producing this machine for almost 20 years, constantly refining and enhancing it all the while in consultation with experienced winegrowers.


sigmaThe pneumatic SIGMA press is the flagship model of the WILLMES brand – and quite possibly the finest press in the world. Its patented flexible juice channels, made of a highly sophisticated fabric, give it pressing capabilities no other grape press can match.

Our FLEXIDRAIN® technology has tremendous advantages over rigid juice channels at the base of the press.

With the SIGMA by WILLMES, you are investing in outstanding juice quality. In developing this pressing system, WILLMES have drawn on a full 60 years’ worth of experience in the production and development of grape presses. Thanks to the latest oenological discoveries, it is now possible to produce superb wines in a consistently high quality.