WILLMES:  Next exhibitions with our participation


Intervitis or Vinitech? Intervitis or Vinitech? Intervitis or Vinitech …                                 

Because both exhibitions are taking place this year almost simultaneously, the employees of presses manufacturer WILLMES lately had put this question repeatedly.
In order to have competent people at both of these specialist events, the team will be divided: In Bordeaux they will be present with an exhibition stand, in Stuttgart, Mr. Wilhelm Roth, the representativ person will be at your disposal.
INTERVITIS exhibition visitors who wish to see technology WILLMES in reality, are invited to see the presses at the wineries where working, near the city of Stuttgart.
Mr. Wilhelm Roth expects in the near future to contact him by phone or e-mail, to establish and coordinate the meetings, rounds of discussions inside the exhibition, as well as visiting the respective wineries.
He can be contacted by phone at 0049/(0)162/3164820 or by e-mail: w.roth@willmes.de   

Next exhibitions with WILLMES participation:
23. – 27 January Agrarian days in Nieder-Olm (Germany).
14. - 17 February ENOMAQ with MAGUSA in Saragossa (Spain).